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Highly recommended to upgrade to 1.1.5

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There is a new version in town of the chia client – 1.1.5. Highly recommended to upgrade due to the following reasons:

  • We were not checking for negative values in the uint64 constructor. Therefore coins with negative values were added to the mempool. These blocks passed validation, but they did not get added into the blockchain due to negative values not serializing in uint64. Farmers making these blocks would make blocks that did not make it into or advance the chain, so the blockchain slowed down starting at block 255518 around 6:35AM PDT. The fix adds a check in the mempool and block validation, and does not disconnect peers who send these invalid blocks (any peer 1.1.4 or older), making this update not mandatory but is recommended. Users not updating might see their blocks get rejected from other peers.

Don’t be surprised if you come across the following error message in the logs: ERR.COIN_AMOUNT_NEGATIVE. This is due to the following code block, introduced in the 1.1.5 pull request:

f"Wasn't able to add transaction with id {spend_name}, " f"status {status} error: {error}"

The reason to the error message is because not everyone upgraded to 1.1.5 and it trows a WARNING instead of attempting to produce an invalid block. In a nutshell you are good!

As I haven’t had sync issues I don’t know if that’s the case or not but this version tries to fix sporadic sync problems, experienced by many. As always you need to shutdown your client before you install. Link: