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How to check the logs

man sitting in from of a computer and checking code

Whether you use the Windows or the Linux client chia does log locally by default. It can be handy if you want to check what’s going on under the hood or especially when something is broken. When you are troubleshooting, you need as much information as possible so setting INFO level logging is probably a good advice for anyone even if things are working smoothly at the moment.

Open the following file in notepad (I like notepad++):


Be careful modifying other things in the file, at a later time I write a post about it. For now goto the following line:

log_level = WARNING

Change “WARNING” to “INFO”. To pick up the changes you need to restart your client. As I tend to minimize the unplanned downtime of my system I usually due other things like, install upgrades (Windows and chia) and always reboot the system to get back to a clean state.

Once your system is back, you will see that chia starts writing logs to the below file:


Logs are rotated so you will see multiple files under \log\ directory, don’t worry it’s normal.