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Chia is One to Watch for Poker Adoption

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2021 has shown us beyond a shred of doubt that Chia is here to stay. Following a $500 million valuation back in the spring, it is fair to say that the company has established itself in the tech world and among major investors. And while the stated purpose of Chia in growing its network and influence is to “allow customers to use currency to hedge public market volatility,” the sort of growth we’ve seen also invites the possibility of new uses and applications.

Right now we don’t know precisely how or where Chia will be used most. There are, however, some arguments to be made for the online poker industry. For a few years now there has been discussion about this same industry embracing cryptocurrency more broadly. Chia would make for a logical partner for a few reasons.

Real Money Online Poker is Making a Comeback

There are parts of the world in which real-money online poker never really disappeared or declined. In the U.S. however, a 2011 ban on most internet casino activity significantly damaged the industry. It turned poker purely into a hobby for a vast majority of Americans who played, and made it seem very much as if online poker as we knew it had come to an end. As of this writing though, the real-money side of poker gaming is making a comeback. A small group of states have legalized the activity once more, and opportunities to play poker for real money online have already sprung up again. Additional states are working toward the same outcome, and as the spread continues there will likely be even more real-money platforms emerging (or simply migrating back to the U.S. in some cases).

All of this speaks to the general potential for cryptocurrency in poker. The aforementioned talk of crypto in poker has already resulted in some opportunities to wager digital currency on games, and expanding real-money activity will only lead to more of those opportunities. The groundwork is being laid for crypto to play a major role in this corner of the gaming industry.

Online Poker is Already a Green Alternative

Casino activity doesn’t generate a ton of attention with regard to energy efficiency. However, when it does, it’s typically with regard to the harmful effects of real-world casinos and resort destinations. Consider, for instance, a report on Las Vegas and the environment that mentioned that 20% of the city’s total energy output comes from “bright lights and vibrant displays” alone. That means that even before considering all of the attractions and electronic games, Vegas is consuming a massive amount of energy on pure display — which of course is not a factor in online gaming.

For reasons like this, we expect to see online poker and online casinos in general propped up as green alternatives to live casinos more and more often. Unless casino resorts can significantly revamp their approaches to sustainability (and some are trying), online alternatives may simply win out as people become more climate-conscious.

Chia is Marketable as an Eco-Friendly Option

Finally, there is Chia’s growing reputation as an eco-friendly alternative to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to consider. While Chia is not alone as a “green” cryptocurrency option, much of its public attention is coming from this angle. This alone makes it a better fit than many other cryptocurrencies for potential use at online casinos. Ultimately, as real-money gaming and crypto poker become more widespread, and online casinos are emphasized as green alternatives to the real thing, the opportunity is clear for a resource like Chia