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Version 1.2.1 (bug fix release) is available

Growing plant

The team released a new version 1.2.1 yesterday. Plot count still does refresh automatically so you need to continue to do it by hand.


  • Thanks @feldsam for adding support for Fedora in install-gui script


  • Fix harvester cache updates. Prior to this commit the farmer called the request_plots every second for each harvester as long as they failed to respond properly. Since the rate limit was 10/minute this lead to hitting the rate limit if the harvester didn’t responds for 10 tries in a row for whatever reason. This commit changes the behavior to always keep track of request attempts even if they end up in a timeout to really only re-try every 60s no matter what.
  • Fix M1 installed torrent and installer version number
  • Thanks to @x-Rune for helping find and test a lot of 1.2.0 bugs with the harvester.
  • Fixed issue for Debian users where the wallet crashes on start for them since last release