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Winning process explained

plants growing from coins

Each plot has a unique plotID. Every 8 seconds, there is a signage point (sp) where the harvester checks if any of your plots are eligible for farming based on plot ID and that signage point. It looks up a random value called the quality string (qs) from part of the plot for those that are. Quality string is a small part of the whole proof, and it’s like your lottery ticket. You combine that with the signage point again to generate another random number H ( qa + sp ) = ( hashing the lottery drawing with lottery ticket ). The hash value gives you a completely random number between 0 and 1. If you are really close to 0, you win (based on the current difficulty) and if it wins, it then fetches the whole proof from the disk. This hopefully help you understand why you see the “Plots passed filter” on the Farm page.