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How to validate your plots

troubleshooting computer software problems

Sh*t happens and chia isn’t an exception. If you want to make sure your plots are ok please continue reading. I had some problems before, client crashed, system crashed so I wanted validate what I have is in good shape. Surprisingly I had a few plots that did not pass the filter, so at the end I deleted them. I just had four thankfully.

Open PowerShell on Windows or on Linux go to the relevant chia directory where the chia binary is located

cd C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.2\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon>

From there run the following that goes and checks all your plots

.\chia plots check

It will take time to go through all your plots, I did it live, so was plotting and haven’t run into any problems. At the end you will get something like:

2021-04-24T07:57:16.735 chia.plotting.check_plots : ERROR : Src size is incorrect error in getting challenge qualities for plot H:\plotk32-2021-03-01-09-07-foobar.plot
2021-04-24T07:57:16.735 chia.plotting.check_plots : ERROR Proofs 0 / 30, 0.0

At the end a nice summary report

2021-04-24T09:08:17.515 chia.plotting.check_plots : INFO Found 187 valid plots, total size 18.51065 TiB
2021-04-24T09:08:17.515 chia.plotting.check_plots : INFO 187 plots of size 32
2021-04-24T09:08:17.515 chia.plotting.check_plots : WARNING 4 invalid plots found:

What that means these plots are broken so you need to remove them. You can do that by just deleting these files from your disk. Make sure you refresh your plots after that – Refresh Plots at the Plots page.